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Udio Teacher Support

Teacher home

This is the teacher’s home base on Udio, and contains everything a teacher needs to effectively support their students’ use of Udio, including in-depth data on student activity, tools to engage with students within the site, technical support, and instructional guidance.

Student data

The Student Activity page combines cutting-edge technology in learner analytics with a state of the art approach to data visualization that gives teachers access to the most current, valuable, and informative data on student performance. Data is presented in a user-friendly and easily interpretable format, along with practical guidance on how to use data to drive instruction. Teachers can access a quick “at a glance" summary of student activity over time, as well as a more detailed, in-depth view of one student’s activity. Data visualization charts reveal students’ depth of interaction, allowing teachers to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of their students’ engagement with reading activities. Teachers can even watch their students' activity live in real-time as they use the program during class.

Engaging with students

Udio provides teachers with several ways to engage their students from within the site, while still allowing students to retain substantial choice and autonomy in their activities. Teachers can recommend articles and projects to their students to read and can save a list of their favorite articles and projects to refer back to. They can create their own projects to use as models and can initiate and contribute to online discussions to facilitate student conversation. Notifications alert teachers when their feedback is needed on newly published student projects and projects students have shared with them.

Just in time support

Technical support and teaching tips anytime, anywhere: The ‘Help’ icon, displayed at the top of every page of Udio, gives teachers quick and easy access to simple step-by-step instructions and practical teaching tips specific to each page. The information is displayed in a moveable pop-up, allowing teachers to quickly access the information they need, without having to navigate off their current page. For teachers who want further guidance, links in the pop-up will direct them to more detailed instructions or a related mini-lesson within the teacher’s guide.

Udio teacher's guide

In the Udio Teacher’s Guide, you can find simple instructions on how to use the various features within the site, along with pedagogically-sound guidance and practical tips for supporting your students’ use of Udio. For those new to Udio, the “How to Use” section gives clear explanations of each Udio feature and the “Quick Tips” section offers suggestions for getting yourself and your students familiarized with the program. Look to the “Digging Deeper” section to find pedagogically-based teaching tips and mini lessons that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the principles of UDL.

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