National Center on the Use of Emerging Technologies to Improve Literacy Achievement for Students with Disabilities in Middle School



Udio, our literacy research tool, is a networked reading environment for middle schoolers that displays engaging Web content in a supported, personalized, and pedagogically rich format.

The Center is researching and developing a technology-rich learning environment called “Udio” that will make it possible for schools to provide all students with Universally Designed for Learning (UDL) literacy experiences as they read independently across the curriculum.

To achieve our mission and vision, the Center is leveraging the capabilities of the Web itself to create a more distributed ecosystem for adolescent literacy, termed “Udio,” where the goals are to:

  1. foster a passionate interest and investment in reading for students who have traditionally been uninterested in, or disenfranchised by, traditional classroom literacy practices;
  2. substantially improve the reading comprehension skills of middle school students who have experienced recurrent failure in the domain of reading.

Udio is a dynamic web of authentic, high interest UDL reading materials.  These reading materials connected through Udio represent a collaborative network of partners whose online content is already on the web and of high interest to struggling adolescent readers and their teachers.

Screen shot of Udio student dashboard

Screenshot of Udio student Explore page