Resources for your Classroom

Here, we share tools, ideas and resources for you to use in your classroom. Many of these were created and used by the Center’s partner teachers as they worked to incorporate these ideas into their literacy practices.


Off-line activity ideas

  • Choice boards are menus of activity choices arranged in a table or other graphic organizer. The choice board provides suggestions and guidance for students while giving them options for how to interact with text. Open a pdf example of a choice board for nonfiction texts. choiceboard
  • Graffiti boards, or group boards, are forums that leverage student interest in social interaction to engage students with text. Encourage students to use a variety of ways to express their reactions to and understanding of texts to build a community of engaged thinkers.  Open a graffiti board pdf start guide. graffitiboard.  To find out more about graffiti boards as a teaching strategy, see
    For an online graffiti board, check out Groupboard at (interact with a live demo at )
  • Class Reading Recommendation Binders are a student-created resource that help readers choose what to read and to follow their interests. Writing recommendations and reviews helps build reader comprehension, and reading others’ reviews and recommendations help students to discover and follow interests while also leveraging the social nature of learning. Open a pdf Story Review/Recommendation Guide worksheet to use or modify for your class. storyreviewguide
  • Mini-Conference Worksheets  Mini-conferencing with students around reading is an effective, research-based method to support student reading comprehension and self-awareness as learners. Students take the lead in mini-conferencing, identifying their reactions, strengths, interests, and goals in relation to reading, and meet with peers or teachers for feedback and guidance on next steps. Open a pdf of a mini-conferencing worksheet. studentminiconferenceworksheet