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Wonder what Udio students are reading?

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We are fortunate to have a wide variety of content for our research studies thanks to the generous contributions of stories, articles, and chapter books from many organizations and companies.

Know of any great content that would be a good fit for Udio? Let us know!

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Learning Disabilities and the Emotion of Reading in Middle School

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Students who are failing to read at middle school may not be oriented toward the pursuit of learning to read per se, but they can become motivated to engage with reading when allowed to connect to learning about content of deep personal interest. Curiosity and motivation for learning are relatively inextinguishable.

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Reading and the World Cup

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As I watch, along with a few billion other people, the World Cup soccer matches, I am struck by how consistently the players and coaches – and also the “wannabees” who pontificate on TV – focus on emotion. Before, during, and after every game, commentators make predictions, interpret live action (e.g. “the momentum has swung”), and explain the final results in terms that are often strikingly emotional: “Spain wasn’t emotionally ready to defend its title so soon.” “The US goalie is not confident enough to compete at this level.” “Brazil...

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Udio Teacher Site Development Complete!

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The Udio Teacher Site is complete, ready to put the full power of Udio in teachers’ hands. Some highlights of the new Udio Teacher Site are how it uses analytics to paint a picture of student activity for teachers. Data visualization panels give teachers activity summaries for a whole class or for individual students, and the “real time” view lets teachers virtually look over students’ shoulders to see what students are doing in Udio right now. The Udio Teacher Site even helps teachers make use of all this student activity data with page...

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Find out what’s new and exciting in the world of literacy! Udio developers, researchers, and users share their thoughts and experiences in the world of literacy, technology, education, and beyond. Follow their posts to learn more about the theory behind Udio, updates on our research and development efforts, and news on upcoming events or milestones. Join us in our shared journey as we work to improve literacy for middle school students everywhere!

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