Udio teacher landing page

This is the Udio teacher landing page.

The Udio Teacher Site is complete, ready to put the full power of Udio in teachers’ hands. Some highlights of the new Udio Teacher Site are how it uses analytics to paint a picture of student activity for teachers. Data visualization panels give teachers activity summaries for a whole class or for individual students, and the “real time” view lets teachers virtually look over students’ shoulders to see what students are doing in Udio right now.

The Udio Teacher Site even helps teachers make use of all this student activity data with page overlays that include page specific tips, more detailed tips based on Udio’s theory of change, and mini-lessons that teachers can use in their classes any time.  For those new to Udio, the “How to use” section gives clear explanations of each Udio feature and how to use it.

You might be saying, “This sounds like it will be great for teachers!” And the Udio team thinks you’re right. The Teacher Site development was informed by teachers through the agile development process, where design and development teams created quick iterations and got ongoing feedback from teacher focus groups throughout the year. Feedback from this year’s Udio piloting teachers further informed the Teacher Site design and development. It was a great process and has resulted in a site that is both simple to use and powerful as it supports teachers as well as students.